Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Think I'll Sleep In Tomorrow!

Since having Faith, I have been struggling with getting up in the mornings. Now those who know me, know that I am not a morning person and I am not going to pretend! Since I homeschool my children, it is probably a good idea for me to get up and get going in the morning.I would really like to stay up late in the quietness of the house, but then mornings come all too soon. Some of my children like mornings. I am sure they must get this from my mom, she is definitely a morning person. My husband gets up early everyday to go to work, but I think he would prefer to sleep in a little. He definitely handles morning better than I do. On Sundays he really seems to enjoy waking the kids and I up early and singing his Silly Songs! Uggh! Most of us probably would prefer to throw something at him!

Today I needed to get up earlier than usual to send my two oldest daughters off on a trip. That is when life became so complicated. The phone rang several times which is very unusual for us. Two of the calls had to do about the trip. Then there was a delay in the transportation for the girls. Then a friend called to say she is going to come get the girls . The girls were picked up and that seem to help out a bit. Only to get a call from the Hospital to say that the Paperwork for Faith's Birth/Death Certificate was missing information. While trying to talk to the lady, one very sweet three year old was having a meltdown. Already being frazzled, I certainly did not need this call at that very moment. As soon as I get done with that call, my son comes up stairs to say "I think we have a problem!" Our dog has come up with a strange fear of wind. This winter we have seemed to have an unusual amount of wind! During the night we put her in her crate because the wind was blowing very hard. Part of displaying her fear is "messing" in the floor! So usually we crate her and she is fine. Well,my son was getting ready to take her out of the crate and found she had "messed" in the crate! Double UGGH!!

Just as my son had told me this pleasant info, the phone rings again. This time it is my daughter and she forgot something for the trip! So now I need to run this item to her before she leaves! Let's just say I am not having fun yet! Meanwhile, the sweet three year old is still having a meltdown. So I decide to leave the dog and her mess until I get back! So I do my little errand and then return to the dog and her mess. I let her out the basement door, and put the crate out with her. I figure that I am about ready for a meltdown! I decided that someone else needs to care what happens to this crazy dog. I declare to all that I refuse to clean her and the crate up and that she is not allowed back in unless someone gives her a bath. My sweet eleven year old son decides he cares, so he works hard on giving her a bath! He then spends a long time on cleaning her crate. I am so proud of Matthew for stepping up to the task!

I am not exactly proud of myself for how I handled all of this. Life can definitely throw things our way that are not always pleasant. I pray that next time I can be more patient, our dog will get over her fears, and that I can train my three year old better! At least this afternoon is going a whole lot better and I can look back at this morning with a little humor! Having a lot of children and a dog can be quite hair raising, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Amy said...

Hi Karen,
I found you on Lynett'es blog.
I only have two kids and no pets but it sometimes seems that crazy around here! I can only imagine what chaos there will be when they are all older and we possibly/probably/hopefully have more kids.