Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Catch Up!

I am such a bad blogger. Days are so full and I find it hard to sit down and write what is going on in our lives.

Do you remember this post?  Well, guess what? He is now living inside my home and has made himself quite comfortable!

Here he is sleeping in an empty box from a toy Luke got for his Birthday!

After the first few days of living on our porch, it started raining and got pretty cool and windy outside. The kids started to worry about the kitty, so hubby suggested that we open up the garage a few inches so he could come inside. We put his water and food bowls in the garage as well. He became quite comfortable and would often sleep in a box he found. The only problem was that two more cats found their way into the garage as well! On Saturday morning hubby went into the garage and found a bag of trash ripped open and some pee on the floor near the door. Hubby was not too happy, but the kids told him he couldn't blame it on the little kitty. Maybe the two other bigger cats scared him or they actually did it themselves! So yes, we gave him another chance!

On Sunday morning hubby went out into the garage and found an injured, bleeding, baby bunny in the garage. The kitty was playing with it and the bunny was desperately trying to get away!  So, that was it! Hubby got the bunny out, put kitty out, and closed up the garage. When we left for church, I made sure his water and food dishes were back on the porch. However, when we returned from church, he was gone! We could not find him anywhere!  The kids and I were feeling a little sad. We took a walk and looked around, but he was no where to be found! After a whole week at our house, he had moved on!

We were pretty sure we would never see him again. But on Friday evening the door bell rang, and the little girls from next door were holding our kitty. He had taken up residency on another front porch down the street. Their mom knew the lady that lived there, and I guess the lady talked about the kitty that she was now taking care of! The girls went and looked at the kitty and said it was the one that had been living on our porch. They brought him to us and we brought him inside that evening. We have no idea who his original owner is, but he is living in our home now.

I knew he was fairly young. I am not sure of his age, but after visiting Pet Smart and seeing the cats they have there, I would guess that he is 3-4 months old. He has lost two baby teeth since being here. Micah actually saw him spit one of them out. He picked it up and brought it to me. He wondered what it was. I told him it looked like a tooth. I checked the kitty's mouth and saw another tooth that looked just like it and it was loose. Micah found that tooth the next day!

The kids are having a lot of fun with him. Just one thing, he and the dog do not get along. At first, the dog was actually scared of this little kitty. She would avoid him at all costs. How can the 60 + pound dog be afraid of such a little cat?  As time went on the dog has gotten to where she acts like she would like to eat him. The kitty taunts her. He chases after her, but if she gets too close, he arches his back and hisses at her.  She then growls and goes after him. She has gotten scratched a few times. Most if the time they avoid each other, but we keep an eye on them. When we have to leave the house, we make sure that they can not get to each other.

Can you please tell me how to get the cat and dog to like each other? I so desperately want them to live here together in peace. Also is there a way to keep the cat off of the kitchen counters and the kitchen table! That is something I really need, too!  Also we are taking suggestions for a name for our kitty. I have always had a hard time naming animals. The kids have thought of a few, but no one can come to agreement on anything yet!

Speaking of Luke's Birthday, he and Anna both recently had a birthday.

Anna celebrating her 10th Birthday!

Luke on his 8th Birthday!

They grow up way too fast!

The other day I took the children to the Creation Museum. I will share some pictures from our trip soon. I also have been crocheting a lot recently. I mostly know how to make scarves and hats. I want to learn how to make some other things as well. I have a hard time sitting down and following a pattern. It takes time and concentration. It is hard to get enough time for quiet around here to concentrate. I am eying a shawl pattern though, that I might try soon.

I have been trying some new recipes too. I hope to share some of them with you very soon. The kids were always wondering why I was taking pictures of food. They are now so used to it that they never ask anymore!

Well, that's all for now. I hope to be back soon.

Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone!




Karin said...

The kitty in the Star Wars box is TOO CUTE! I just love kittens. So glad she found a warm home with you. :)

Caroline said...

So cute & I have missed you.
Happy Birthday wishes to the kids.
Thinking of you always.

Trennia said...

Happy Birthday Anna and Luke!