Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This Is Not Our Cat!

We have this sweet little kitty that showed up on our doorstep a couple of days ago! The children have fallen in love with him!

He seems to be pretty young, as he is still pretty small and skinny.  Yesterday we gave him some milk and I cut up some popcorn chicken for him to eat. We also gave him water but he would not drink that! I had to run out to the store yesterday to get some medicine for Luke so I just happened to pick up some kitty food! When Hubby came home he asked, "why do we have Cat food?"  I told him that we needed it!  He said that we did not need it! Umm, well we kinda wanted something for kitty to eat!

The truth is I love cats. Actually I love animals in general. We have a dog that is allowed inside our house. This dog acts like she wants to eat the cat! The cat stays in the front and the dog goes out the back so that we can keep them apart! We cannot really keep this cat. I am hoping we find his owner so that they can be reunited.

Luke has been having some major allergy symptoms. His eyes have been swelling up really bad. The past couple of days have been even worse. I just wonder if he happens to be allergic to the cat! He wants to go out so badly to play with the cat. I told him today that he has to stay in all day and away from the cat to see if he gets any better. The pediatrician gave us a new allergy medicine to try as well as some eye drops. Let's hope these help. So far I am not convinced!

So, even if the owner is not found and Luke is not allergic, we cannot keep this cat!  Hubby and I are not interested in having a litter box and we really don't have a good place to put one anyway!

Yes, I am talking myself out of keeping this cat! He is very sweet and affectionate! The kids adore him. The dog abhors him!  What shall we do?

Until we figure it all out, I guess we will be doing more of this!



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