Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pregnancy Prayer List Update

I have been really busy the past week and have not had a chance to post. I will share more about what has been going on in our busy lives soon, but I wanted to let everyone know about a precious new baby.

Many of you probably already know about Franchesca. Her first baby Jenna Belle entered Heaven on May 18,2009. Franchesca has shared about her experience with expecting her Rainbow baby while mourning the loss of Jenna Belle at the same time on her blog Handprints From Heaven and her other blog Letters to My Baby Boy.

On Monday May 3, 2010, Franchesca gave birth to her Rainbow baby, Joseph. He weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces. What a terrific size for a baby born at 35 weeks!  Baby Joseph is doing well and such a sweet miracle! You can visit Franchesca and see the beautiful pictures of Joseph for yourself here.

Congratulations to Franchesca and her husband on their sweet little miracle!



mommyx12 said...

This is wonderful news. The Lord is great. Heather is still in need of prayers for her little unborn. Hopefully soon we will know how he is doing once he is born. Thank you so much for doing this for so many families.

Trennia said...

That is wonderful news!

croleyc69 said...

So wonderful. Praise God !!! God is so Good.

I do have a special friend that recently lost a little girl at 20 wks at the end of Jan 2010. She just found out she is pregnant again and not sure on her due date but the begining of next yr. She has 3 little boys. Praying for this family so much.
I also have a friend April that is due in September.

Thanx so much for this.


What wonderful news. Thank You for doing this for so many families. Many Blessings,

Susan said...

What a wonderful testimony to us who are still waiting for a rainbow baby.

~mom2seven~ said...

Hi Karen~
That is such wonderful news! I love hearing about precious babies being born.

I wanted to thank you again for adding me to your pregnancy prayer list. It really means a lot to know that someone is praying for us. I'm still a little nervous because of the last losses, but thankfully I heard the baby's heartbeat again recently and was so greatful:) So thank you again for your prayers and allowing me to be able to share this happy news!
Have a nice day!