Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel like I need to clarify my last post. I really do not feel that I shared my thoughts as well as I should. Maybe I should have left well enough alone anyway! I really do not like to complain and do believe this is an area that God wants me to work on.

My heart is that I want to Love these little girls. I want to go the extra mile and do what Jesus would do.

Some commenters said I need to set healthy boundaries. I am working on that one. It is hard for me to tell anyone else what to do, but shouldn't they have to follow the same rules in my yard as my children?

Others say that I should invite them in for dinner and open my home to them. This is a hard one for me but maybe that is God might want. With a large family I often feel overwhelmed just getting my family fed.

Well, I think there should be a healthy balance somewhere.

The night that they were peering in at us eating dinner, these girls had been in our yard all day except for when they went in for dinner( maybe a total of 10 minutes). I knew that they had already eaten and it was getting pretty late anyway. Is it really all that wrong for me to want to spend sometime with my family without having to share it with someone else all the time?

As for Anonymous, you really have zero credibility with me hiding behind the profile anonymous. At first I was not going to even address this, but I couldn't let it go.Saying I act like a spoiled child, really? You are not here all day everyday and see what goes on here. I have bent over backwards trying to be patient and kind.  I usually go the extra mile, but I am human and I am not perfect. Sometimes I  lose my patience like anyone else. Sometimes I just cannot handle anymore.

I Home school my Children, so these distractions make it quite difficult. If you were here you would probably criticize that my children were not getting enough of their school work done.

Basically you were saying I am not a good Christian. Well, I do not believe that is for you to judge. That is between me and God. I believe that if a Christian disagrees with another, they should do so in a loving manner and  not criticize so harshly.  Also, I have been far from mean so don't go there. I simply told the little girl that it was time to go home. This was about 7pm and she had been over at our house since about 10 am ( except for a few minutes break here and there).I am sorry if you think I have a bad attitude, but you really do not know my heart. So, anonymous, if you do not like what you read here, it is quite simple, you do not have to read anymore.

Bottom line, I Love the Lord Jesus and I strive to live according to His Will. I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I am not perfect but I am Washed by the Blood Of The Lamb! I am sorry if I have offended anyone because that is never my intention!

To all the other commenters, I agree with what you have said and I am working on it! Please pray for me to have God's Wisdom.




Trennia said...

Don't worry about the mean people they are everywhere just waiting to attack everyone!

Fruitful Harvest said...

It seems these children are starving for something.

My house and yard is the hub for all the kids of single mom's and double working parents.

I set the rules that everyone is to follow. If you do not follow them you are asked to go home for a set amount of time...often until the next day.
I never have to do this any more because the kids all know want the rules are and they LOVE coming over and the LOVE that our family out pours to these "starving" children.
And its much like the fishes and the loaves story. There seems to always be enough food for fact my Peanut butter, jelly and bread are always open.
As is my fruit bowl.

These kids see a loving family that welcomes all and prays to GOD openly.

I believe all children are a blessing...even children from other families.

I know you have a loving heart as well....thanks for sharing your post.


Susan said...

Know that you are doing exactly what the Lord has called you to do. Your ministry is your children and your home. Remember also he kNows your heart and he knows how you feel about the neighbor children. He knows you want to be Jesus to them. Keep praying and the Lord will see you through this.

YOu are great encouragement to me.
Thanks, Susan

Holly said...

I know that you have shown these girls love and it isn't wrong for you to want to spend time alone with your family! I would too! Really, these girls can't be over 24/7 if you are to get things done. Like people have said set the rules and if they don't follow then they go home. You can also set time restrictions too-like a curfew.

Holly said...

and BOOO to anonymous!