Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Catching Up

It seems as though I have been spending the Month of January just trying to catch up. Really I feel like I am trying to keep my head above water!

The Wedding being on January 2nd and being so close to Christmas just knocked me out of whack! This is just  the first of 10 to get married, so I need to get a handle on this.

I have been trying very hard to keep the children moving along with their schoolwork. Of course when there is a hint of snow they are asking nicely begging for a day off! Since we do not get a lot of snow here in Kentucky, I will usually let them play if there is any snow to play in!

I had all these great intentions of starting the new year with some positive changes in my life. Well, January is almost over and I haven't started yet! I have been disappointed in myself and a bit discouraged. Well, it finally hit me! It is OK that I didn't start on January 1st and I do not have to wait until next year! I can start today!  So, as for my read thru the Bible in One Year Program that starts on January 1st, it starts today! January 25th is going to be day 1!

There are other things I would like to accomplish too! I want to work on eating better and I need to exercise regularly! I have a bit of weight to lose and I have trouble with High Blood Pressure as well as being Prediabetic. I have got to get it together. I have a strong family history of diabetes.

I know with God's Help I can accomplish these things!  What a Joy to know that he will help me and guide me along the way! I know that it won't be easy and I might feel like giving up, but as I ask for his help, he will be there to help me on my journey!

I look forward to what God has in store for this coming year!

On a different note, have you noticed the Pregnancy Prayer List is growing? Wow! God is so Good! It seems in blogland that there are many expecting mommies! Can you take some time and pray for these ladies also? They need God's hand of protection upon them! There is one mommy listed here for January, so she should be due anytime. Please be in prayer for her!




croleyc69 said...

It seems like all I am doing is trying to catch up. Alot has been going on lately and I'm looking forward to New Things happening this year. I love that verse and today I thought of it. I need it so much this week. Praying for all the pregnancies that are happening.
Take care
P.S Thanx for the sweet comments on my blog they so brighten my day.

mommyx12 said...

Such encouragement. I am feeling much the same way. And to think January is nearly over!! But having a wedge thrown in my life this month didn't help either. A big change when all of a sudden daddy is going to be home for 3 months because of an injury. Not that it's a wedge but definitely has me putting things off!!

Candace said...

Hey, life is all about catchin' up, Karen! Don't beat yourself up about it! I never seem to catch up, so you are not alone, honey....

Trennia said...

Your so sweet Karen for making this prayer list for expectant mommies!I'm proud to call you my friend!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Catching up is my life...I'm always behind it seems! Praying for you as you keep on keepin' on!