Friday, November 6, 2009


Candace from Living With Faith has asked me to share about miracles in my life.

What is a miracle? 

The definition from the Merriam -Webster"s Online Dictionary for Miracle is:

1 : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
2 : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment

I believe that God has created many miracles in my life but most people probably would consider most of them small miracles.

First and foremost I consider my children miracles.  Many of us take having children for granted, but many people struggle to bring biological children into this world. I have lost 2 children to miscarriage and 1 to stillbirth and I know the pain of loss. I also know the joy of bringing 10 living children into the world with God's Help. I also know people that have adopted children and consider them miracles in their lives.

I consider that I was born is really a miracle too.I am the youngest of six children and my mom had a life threatening situation between child 4 and 5. She had an ectopic pregnancy that was in the ovary and it caused her ovary to burst. It took a while for them to figure what was even wrong with her and she almost died. Her regular doctor had been out of town and she was seeing another doctor. Finally her doctor came back to town and pretty much knew what was wrong with her. He helped save her life. Her case was put into textbooks because it was so rare. Please remember this was probably about 50 years ago.

They told her that she should not have any more children, but ended up having 2 more including me. On a side note, many years later she had a hysterectomy and when the went to remove her ovaries they couldn't believe that she had an ovary that burst. They were expecting to find a lot of scar tissue but they did not.

I find simple things in day to day life to be small miracles. A child that finally gets a math problem that we have gone over and over again, or a child that can write his own paragraphs on his own with out tears, well those are miracles to me.

I feel like one of the biggest miracles in our lives is the life of our son Timothy. Tim was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1993 at the age of 4. The first couple of months were a bit rough, but I strongly believed that God was with us and was going to see us through.

Tim had very aggressive chemotherapy for 2 1/2 years. He also had radiation to his brain. He had strong chemo drugs injected into his spine. It was a grueling 2 1\2 years but I know God's hand was on Tim. There were times during his course of treatment that it was expected that he would get very sick. After the first few months he never became seriously sick. Yes, he had ups and downs. He did have some issues with vomiting. I am not saying that it was a piece of cake. The steroids made him very moody and we were not overly fond of him during those times, but we still loved him and would do whatever it took for him to get well.

He was hospitalized just a few times. It always seemed to happen on the weekends. Anytime he would run a fever we had to take him to the hospital. The few times that it happened, it always seemed to be on a Friday. They would admit him and watch him for a few days. It ended up that he usually just had a virus like any other kid. He usually would be discharged by Monday. I really believe it was the Hand of God that kept him from getting so seriously ill. We know other children that were hospitalized  quite a bit more than Tim was.

To make a long story short, Tim will be turning 21 soon and he is getting married in January. He is in his second year of college and also works pretty much a full time schedule. He is working hard and doing a great job! God's hand has been on his life and I am so thankful .

Tim and Naomi

So I encourage you to look at life a little differently and see what could be a miracle in your life. God cares about every detail of our lives. He can make what seems impossible, possible. He is in the miracle business today. Sometimes our miracles are really big and brings a lot of attention. Other times they are small and we need to pay attention or we might miss them. Let's remember to give God glory for these small miracles as well as the big ones.



Candace said...

Thank you, Karen! This was perfect, from a different perspective and I am so happy! Thank you and I pray that you get lots of responses! With love,

pam said...

Our God is so amazing. Also amazing is the beauty that shows in someone who loves Him.

Everyone has a choice on how they will respond to the hardships that come upon them. Some people get caught in the trap of bitterness. I have been lost in it, so I know. Others look up, instead of looking in. This is where we find hope, and obtain grace, and the ability to take a step forward instead of remaining frozen in our pain.

Thank you for choosing to take that step forward, and for letting us see you keep living, though on some days, you may have felt like dying. You encourage my heart always, and what I see is Jesus.

Linda said...

Karen, I loved the miracle stories you shared. OUR GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!! I pray that your story will encourage many people today.

I sent you and email...YOU ARE THE WINNER of my Heaven book giveaway.

Please send me an email with your last name and address. Thanks Karen.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for sharing that with us! We love your
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Holly said...

God has surely worked in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Praise to Him!