Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Graveside Service For Faith

This post has actually been in the making for a couple of months. I had started it and never finished it for whatever reason.

We traveled to Virginia to have Faith buried. We were given permission to have her buried at the foot of my Father's grave. We had options of having her buried here in Kentucky, but that just didn't sit right with me. It has now been over four years ago that we moved to Kentucky, but it is just not "home" to me. If we moved away from here, I am not sure that we would come back and visit much. My Mom, siblings, and a lot of extended family stll live in Virginia, so it just seemed right to take her there.

On November 22, 2008, our friends and family assembled at the Cemetery to remember Faith. It was an unusual blustery day in Virginia. Just the year before were visiting there in November, and on Thanksgiving it was in the 70's. We were all wearing t-shirts. Now we were all bundled up in Parkas trying our best to stay warm.

We did not really have a pastor that we knew from the area, so a pastor from my sister's church led the Service. He is such a wonderful man with a true heart for God. We met with him a couple of nights before the Service to go over the details, and I really appreciated his joy of the Lord and his care and compassion for us.




mommyx12 said...

I can see how this post could be one that would take a while. I'm sorry for your loss. You wrote beautiful words and it sounds like her service was beautiful as well.

Holly said...

I definitely understand why you didn't want to bury Faith in Kentucky. We thought about where we wanted to bury Carleigh whether it be near us or back where our family is. I knew that we would never move so I wanted her near me. The balloon release is beautiful!

croleyc69 said...

What a beautiful service and the balloons were so pretty. I know that 2 yrs ago when we decided to move to Nevada, I told my husband that if anything happened to us , I wanted to be buried in Ohio. This just doesn't feel like the right place. It's not home.
Great pics and {{HUGS}}