Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our New Addition

First, let me apologize because these pictures were taken with my cell phone. I have become a bit lazy in taking out my camera. My cell phone is usually near by so it comes in handy. I really need to get back to using my camera so that I can have better quality pictures.


Meet Dodge

He is around  5 months old. He is supposed to be here temporarily. Umm, we'll see how that goes! This is supposed to be Jeremy's cat but he is in the middle of changing apartments so Dodge should be here for a few weeks.

Micah with Dodge

He loves to cuddle. He is very sweet. We are falling in love.

He was given the name Dodge because her purrs, and he purrs a lot and very loudly. So the former owners  named him Dodge, after the Dodge Charger.You know, the car?

And look who is taking a liking to him!
Dodge and Tigger eating together.

Now they are even napping together.

But this guy still thinks he is king of the hill!

So time will tell if it is only temporary!  I promise I will not become the crazy cat lady!



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