Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We usually do not do anything too elaborate for Valentine's Day. I gave Mike a card and some candy. He gave me a card, a pink Snuggie, and these beautiful roses.  The blooms on the roses are some of the nicest I have seen in a while! They are quite beautiful!

These pictures do not do them justice, I promise!

On Monday afternoon I decided to make a cake. I picked up a Strawberry Cake Mix and I bought a can of icing too! I know, a total cheat! I used some Valentine's Day M&M's to decorate with.

Kids are so funny, because since this is not the "normal" thing that I do, they kept asking why I was making a cake for Valentine's Day! I told them that it would be fun and would make a great dessert after dinner! They still didn't seem to get it! I had to keep saying "Just for fun!"

Each year on Valentine's Day I usually get the kids a variety of candy and put it in some kind of container. I have purchased plastic Valentine's Day type buckets in the past, but we can never seem to get them all together at the same time. This year I just bought red paper lunch bags and wrote their names on them and added some hearts. Really nothing fancy, but the kids enjoy their candy!

The cake and my flowers with the children's candy bags.

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of any of the kids or Dear Hubby. 

Hubby and I decided to wait to go out to dinner on a different night because we do not like to fight the crowds. It really does not matter what day it is anyway! As long as we get our night out together! And you know what? I am totally looking forward to it! I Love My Dear Hubby and enjoy my time alone with him!




Caroline said...

Beautiful !!!
Happy Valentine's Day

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What a sweet way to celebrate! I love the cake! And, all the gestures of love. Just precious...and memories that will always be cherished, I'm sure!

Love to you...

Trennia said...

Happy Valentine's Day, sorry I'm late!
Beautiful post.

Susan said...

Cake looked yummy and the roses are beautiful.