Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Parade

On Friday night Hubby and I ventured out with our five youngest children to the local Christmas Parade. We have lived here almost six years and have never been to the Parade. I actually did not even know that they had a Christmas Parade. Hubby just happen to read something about it and suggested we go.

I do not know when was the last time we have been to a parade. Back when we lived in Indiana, we used to go to the 4th of July Parade every year.  Our youngest five do not remember that. Well, two of them were not even born when we lived there.

Anyway, Friday we left about six and the parade started at seven. It was only about a ten minute drive, but we were not sure how hard it would be to get a parking space. It ends up, we probably did not need to be that early.

It was an incredibly cold night for us here in Kentucky. We bundled up really well. When we first got there we were right in front of the Court House. 

Anna and Micah and Luke

Matthew, Luke, and Samuel


See that tree behind Anna's head in the picture above? Well, it just so happens that this was the night that they were going to light that tree. We had no idea until about a minute before.

We heard singing and talking, but we did not pay a whole lot of attention to it. We were just trying to get a good spot for the Parade.There was a crowd gathered around back in that area. Well, the longer we were standing there I was trying to hear what they were saying. I finally realized they were getting ready to light the tree.

Samuel, Micah, and Matthew laying on the very cold ground!

The tree before being lit

The tree just after being lit

Matthew, Luke, Samuel, Micah, and Anna

Soon after the tree was lit, Hubby went walking down the street a little bit to see if it was less crowded. He came back and we decided to move.. As we were walking, we were able to get some hot chocolate. A local church was passing out free hot chocolate, and boy was it yummy!

Micah with a hot chocolate mustache!

Samuel with his Hot Chocolate

Anna with her Hot Chocolate

Here are a few pictures from the Parade. Sorry the quality of the pictures is not too great! I need to learn to use my camera better, especially at night. Most of the rest of my pictures were just too blurry.

My kids were really excited to see this one, Herbie, The Love Bug!

The one thing I found a bit strange was they allowed people to park along the street of the Parade Route. There is normally Street Parking, but to me it would make more sense to not allow that during the Parade. We had to go to the other side of the cars to watch the parade.  The up side to parking along the street is if you get one of those spots, you can sit in your car during the parade and stay warm. Hmm, maybe next year we could do that, and whoever wants to get out can, and whoever wants to stay in the car (me) can do that!

We had a good time, and survived the cold, but it did take us a while to warm up afterwards!  I am glad we went, because the children enjoyed themselves. I would generally just want to stay home and stay nice and snug in the warmth of my home, but I enjoyed the children having fun.



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