Friday, July 9, 2010

OK, Only To Be Fair

I just recently celebrated my Birthday. Yep, another Birthday came and is now gone! At this point in my life, it would be perfectly OK with me if we just skip by my Birthday!  I am just not into it!

So, since I post pictures from everyone else's Birthday, I decided it would only be fair if I share some from mine.

For Birthdays, we usually just gather as a family for cake and presents. With 10 kids and a daughter in law, we pretty much have a big party by ourselves! It is getting a little bit more tricky these days though, with work schedules and kids away on different trips, our numbers have been down a little.

Now, on to other things that I would rather talk about!

Over the weekend, Hubby and decided it was time to  hack away cut back our butterfly bush! It was taking over. We really need to relocate it to a better spot, but my poor hubby has helped me relocate too many shrubs over the years! Actually last year we moved this particular bush because it was taking up all of the sunlight from my little Japanese Maple Tree. The butterfly bush looked really sick for a while after moving it, and we were not sure that it was going to make it! Well, it did make it and doing better than ever. This year it has grown bigger than ever and the blooms have been huge also. The only problem is that it has been hanging over our sidewalk and shading too many shrubs from the sun. So, we got a little crazy and cut away!

The bush was so full of bloom that I decided to make a bouquet out of them. As I was standing there holding the bouquet while hubby was cutting some more, I had a butterfly land on the bouquet. He kept flying around me and landing.

I felt like he was my very own pet butterfly! We also have some very beautiful blue butterflies that like to hang around our butterfly bush, but they seem a bit more shy. The scare a lot more easily, so it is hard to get a picture of them, but I will not give up!

In other news, I finally planted my flowers! Yeah, they have only been sitting around for a month waiting to be planted! They were starting to look a little sick, but most of them seem to be perking up a bit! I will post some pictures soon!

Have an Awesome Weekend!



Trennia said...

Happy (late) Birthday,Karen!
Your cake was cute!
Love the pictures of the butterfly :)
was that two butterflies on the fourth and fifth picture?

Tina Hollenbeck said...

You're 46?! You look amazing! Seriously, as I started to scroll down, I first thought the pic must be of a daughter sitting with your cake. You look about 26 - and I'm not kidding. Happy birthday! :^)


mommyx12 said...

Happy Birthday Karen. No fair, you hid behind those beautiful flowers way too quickly!!

I know what you mean about having your very own party. We too do our birthdays that way. There's enough people to make a party.

Take care,

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! Love your cake...and the butterfly pics! How cool! Also...I'm so glad you are joining in for this Walking With You. I think it will be nice to encourage other mamas on this walk.

Love to you...

croleyc69 said...

Happy Birthday late !!
Your cake looks wonderful and the pics are Awesome !!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday. I feel the same way as you about my birthday.

The butterfly flowers are absolutely beautiful.

Sweet Annabelle said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! You look beautiful sitting in front of your cake.

I'm insanely jealous of that butterfly bush - can't tell you how many I've killed trying to get a big bushful of purple blooms.

Holly said...

Hope you had a great birthday! I love the pics of the butterfly!! Wow!