Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year ( Just A Little Late! )

Yes, I am still around! Life has been crazy busy and blogging has just not been a priority!

Christmas and New Years have come and gone and then our son Tim married Naomi on January 2nd.

I must admit that I was a bundle of nerves for a few weeks leading up to the Wedding. I am not really sure why, I wasn't even the Mother of the Bride! Naomi planned and did most of the work herself.

Everything was just beautiful and I am so proud of Tim and Naomi! Here is a sneak peak from their Wedding. I borrowed these from my friend Sharon who had posted some pics on facebook.

Naomi before the Wedding

Tim before the Wedding

Naomi walking down the aisle with her Dad

Tim and Naomi newly married!

It was a wonderful day, but boy, I must admit, it feels wonderful for it all to be over!

The day started out on a crazy note. Naomi and her six bridesmaids had a hair appointment at 6 am! Naomi picked Rebekah up at 5:45! I was sure gratetful that Naomi came to get Rebekah so that I did not have to get her there!

Naomi's Mom, Victoria, Anna, and I had hair appointments at 8 am at a different hair salon. Well, let's just say that was an adventure!

I am pretty conservative with my hair and let's just say these ladies like to do poofy! Most women that were in that shop must have been over 60. The ladies that came in were all over 60 also and they were coming in for their weekly wash, set and style!

The lady doing my hair redid it 3 times! When I got home,I had to try to tame it down!

Hubby was at home trying to help get the 4 youngest boys ready. I had failed to set their stuff out so that he could find it all, so he had to wait for me to get home to help him.

Did I mention the Wedding was at 11:00 am?

Between me trying to fix my hair and helping to get the boys ready we were running just a tad late! We did not walk into the church until 10:53!

Fortunately all of our older children we already at the church and Jeremy had taken Sammy and Anna( The ring bearer and flower girl).

We walked in and put our flowers on and it was just about time to start!

I was a complete mess!

The night before when I walked into the church for rehearsal and saw the pew bows, the tears started coming! The past few years weddings have made me cry. Now it was my son getting married and the tears surfaced often.

Now on the morning of the Wedding as my son Josh was ushering me down the aisle, I wanted so bad just to smile, but the tears were coming instead! It was a bit embarrassing but I could not stop!

Naomi's Mom and I lit the 2 candles for the unity candles so I focused on that and that helped the tears to stop for a little while.

It was a beautiful service and I saw a few others shed some tears also. Of course my tears started flowing again when I look up and see tears in Tim's eyes! It was so sweet!

The reception was held at a hotel and everything was wonderful. The decorations were beautiful, the cake was beautiful, and the food was really delicious!

When we got home we were exhausted!

My Mom and my nieces Corrie and Krista arrived on Thursday and we really enjoyed having them here. Corrie is such a huge help to so many and she helped me get my things organized for the rehearsal dinner. This girl deserves sainthood!

Friday night we had the rehearsal dinner at our church. I ordered Lasagna, Salad, and breadsticks from Fazoli's. I bought cheesecakes and a couple of other desserts from Sam's Club. I made punch and we also had ale 8 and IBC Root beer for Tim and Naomi. Everything turned our really nice and we had a great time.

My sister Debbie and her daughter Katie, along with her Son Jonathan (a groomsman) and his wife Rachel arrived Friday afternoon.

The Wedding itself was held at a different church because the Sanctuary of our church is a Gymnasium. Tim and Naomi decided they would probably save money having it at a different church because it would cost them a bit of money to decorate our church the way they wanteed it.

We had to drive 40 minutes from the Wedding Rehearsal to the Rehearsal Dinner. I could not set up before hand because the space was being occupied by somone else, so we had to get everything ready while everyone was arriving.

I was so blessed when my family all pitched in to help. Mike and I and our children were all getting things ready, but then we had Corrie, Krista, Debbie, Katie, Jonathan, Rachel, and Jeremy's fiance Leigh helping as well!

It really meant a great deal to me having such wonderful help!

Jeremy and his fiance, Leigh


Luke, Josh, and Micah

My niece Krista and Rebekah



My niece-in-law, Rachel, her husband Jonathan(my nephew), and my wonderful niece, Corrie

Victoria and my niece Katie

My sister Debbie and my Mom

Disclaimer: These bottles are Ale 8 and IBC Root beer

If you do not know what ale 8 is you can check it out here..

The Crazy Happy Newlyweds are honeymooning in Alaska! They both love cold weather and snow! Me, well, not so much!

Tim reported a couple of days ago that it was 34 degrees there! Here in Kentucky it has been in the teens and  twenties! It is warmer in Alaska then it is here, go figure! Needless to say, they are a little disappointed!

We look forward to seeing them when they return. We are so proud of you Tim and Naomi and We Love You!

Happy New Year Everyone,

May you have a Blessed 2010!



Holly said...

Congratulations to the happy newly married couple!! :)

Pam said...

Wow. What a roller coaster for you as the mom! I am scared just thinking ahead to it all! How is a mom supposed to "not cry"!!

What a beautiful bride and sweet couple. Wonderful news.

Candace said...

Whoa Karen,
you have been busy! I can't imagine why you haven't been bloggin'! You sure have a pretty DIL and a wonderful family! Congrats the the happy couple!

croleyc69 said...

Congrats to the happy couple and everything looked great. Happy New Year to all of you.

Trennia said...

Beautiful wedding!
Happy New Year!

busymomof10 said...

I enjoyed reading about the wedding. Your DIL is so pretty! Everything looked beautiful, but I admit to feeling my heart beat faster as I read about your experience, and trying to get the family ready and to the wedding on time. I can sure imagine myself in the same situation! I have not yet had a son or daughter to marry, so I have not crossed that bridge yet! I also attended a wedding on January 2nd, but at 7 pm, and without the stress of being the mother of the bride or groom!!! Enjoyed peeking at your blog.