Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank You Dear Hubby!

You may have noticed that my blog is looking a little different lately. Hubby and I have been working together on changing the design.

I searched the internet High and Low for free digital scrap booking kits to find what I am looking for. We then get together to discuss the general idea. Hubby does all the technical stuff. HTML just gives me a headache. He gets the design going and we tweak things here and there. After much head banging patience on his part, we finally get it all together. We might still be tweaking it a little bit along the way.

He also made a Blog Button for me. Here it is, isn't  it awesome?

If you would like, you can grab my button from the left sidebar.

Thank You Dear Hubby! You are the best! I appreciate all that you do for me! I Love You!



croleyc69 said...

I just love it and it looks great. I'm not a big fan of pink but I do like it. Have a great day !!! :)

Crystal said...

It looks great.

Ange said...

It is absolutely lovely!! What a sweet hubby you have!! Bless you Karen!!

Trennia said...

It's beautiful, Karen!

Holly said...

I love the new look. The pink is so pretty! I'll grab your button!

Angie said...

I love the button! And the New look..
I have been MIA on the internet lately I am sorry- I have been focusing on my beloved, and spiritual things. Prioritizing my heart and life to what is truly important to me.