Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walking With You ~ Naming Our Babies

Walking With You was created by Kelly at The Beauty of Sufficient Grace to help support those who have lost a child. Together we share our stories, helpful information, scriptures, encouraging words, prayer requests, and more.

This week, we are sharing how we chose the names for our babies and any special meaning behind them.

Mike and I have always taken very seriously our responsibility of naming our children. We usually go through a lengthy process before a name is ever settled. Our first child was named quicker than most of the rest of our children. I remember calling him Jeremy while still in my womb. Many of the rest were not officially named until a few days after their birth.

Mike and I would usually make a separate list of names that we liked and eventually came together to compare lists. There were some names we could automatically cross off of each others list and then some we could take into consideration. We always write down the meaning of each name because that is important to us also.

Before I was pregnant with Faith, I just knew that I would have a daughter named Faith someday. I just loved the name and I really believed that God gave her this name. So I was pretty set on naming her Faith when I found out that she was a girl. Mike wanted to spend more time making a decision. About the same time we found out she was a girl, we also found out that she had a heart defect.It became increasingly more important for me to give her a name. Mike finally agreed we could name her Faith. I loved how everyone, including the doctors started calling her Faith.

Faith means: Belief in God and acceptance of God's will. How appropriate is that? We truly believed in God, and we also felt that God was going to heal her. We also were prepared to accept his will no matter what happened. We sure were not ready for what did happen, but we accept what God has chosen. Someone shared with me that her life and death is going to strengthen our Faith as her parents. I know God is strengthening our marriage and pulling us closer to each other and closer to him.

Evangeline means: Good news; bearer of good news. I originally thought that after we chose this name that Faith was going to be healed and that her healing was going to help spread the Good News of God. Well, after she died I was a little confused. Now I believe her story is going to help spread God's Good News anyway!

Here are the names of my other children and their meanings.

Jeremy: Raised up or appointed by God.

Timothy: Honoring God.

Joshua: God is my salvation.

Rebekah: Captivating, beautiful.

Victoria: Conqueror; victory.

Matthew: Gift of God.

Samuel: God hears.

Anna: Grace.

Luke: Bringer of light, morning.

Micah: Who is like God.




Anonymous said...

What wonderful and meaningful names!! Just beautiful!!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Thanks for sharing the meaning behind your beautiful Faith's name. And for sharing all the names of your children. I love how each name carries special meaning. I know that it's no accident. I love seeing God's hand in the naming of our children. This week's walk has been such a read the stories of how each little one was named. Thanks for sharing this...

Love to you,

Ange said...

This is a beautiful post. And the names of your children are incredible. Like a fresh bouquet of blossoms adorning your family which speaks of your eternal inheritance. We named our first three children before we even thought about seeking the Lord on the matter. We were not strong believers then. However, when I think of their names...I know God gave them their names anyway.

I also want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers for me. It means so much!! I am still struggling but know that God is working things out in our family for His good pleasure. Love, Ange

Holly said...

I think Faith is a great name and certainly has much meaning behind her story. Your children have such strong and wonderful names!

Jennifer Ross said...

All the names of your children are stong and beautiful. Faith was given a name with great meaning!

Much Love,

Emily said...

I love the names of all your children, but most especially Faith's. It amazes me how we choose names for our children based on their lives, and they relate to another meaning after they're gone.

I'm a first time visitor, and wanted to tell you Faith is just beautiful!

~Sandy~ said...

Thanks for sharing the meaning of their names. I love ALL of the names you've chosen:)

Kathryn @ Expectant Hearts said...

I haven't been over lately but I have seen your blog in the past.. I enjoyed this post.. It's so amazing to see how god uses our children and their names, isn't it?