Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayers For Micah

Hello everyone, yes , I do still exist and I am finally home! I returned from my Mom's late Saturday night. It was so wonderful to visit with family. It is also wonderful being back home with my Hubby, the rest of my children and my own bed! I have been resting and enjoying my family since I have been back.

I was supposed to return on Friday but was delayed due to a little mishap. I had just got finished loading the van when I had told the children all to go back into the house so we could make one last check for anything we may have missed and to say good-bye. My youngest son Micah was sitting in the front passenger seat and was climbing down to get out like everyone else. I was closing up the rest of the doors and as he was climbing down I closed the door behind where he had been sitting.

His finger was caught in the hinge part of the door. Can you say OUCH! The rest of the children were already in the house and I grabbed Micah and ran into the house. After I got in the house and got a better look at his finger I could tell that we needed to get to the ER. My sister was visiting so she grabbed her keys and we jumped into her car and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the ER, a screaming 4 year old got us a quick entry! His finger was cut the whole length of the finger. It was cut deep and after x-rays we also found out it was fractured. He received several stitches and his finger was wrapped and splinted. We were given instruction to follow up with a doctor at home on Monday.

Yesterday I took him to a Hand Surgeon and he wants him to have Surgery. The bone near the tip of the finger needs to be squeezed back together and he believes he can do it without pins. He also wants to check for any nerve damage.

I am asking for prayer for Micah today as we go in early this morning for Surgery. He does not like for anyone to look at it or even talk about it. Pray for him not to be afraid and also Pray that the Surgery goes well and that he will have full function of his finger. Please pray for me as I feel so bad that I am the one who closed the door and as his Mommy, I cannot stand to see him have this injury and the pain associated with it.

I have to run get him dressed to get ready to go, and I'll let you know how things go!




Angie said...

Dear L_rd-
Our Father who art in heaven, hollowed be you name...I am lifting Micah up to you. I ask that you help the doctors make wise decisions to heal this little ones hand quickly. Help mom be strong, and have peace at the direction this is going.

L_rd you are truly faithful to your saints!

For thine is the kingdom the power and the Glory forever and ever-Amen

Trennia said...

Praying for Micah..

Holly said...

Poor Micah! I pray that the surgery goes well and that his finger will heal perfectly!