Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Faith's Memorial Service

After Faith was delivered I spent two days in the hospital before going home. We were sent home with a lot of information on Funeral Homes and Cemeteries, and we were told to take our time, there was no hurry. For several days Mike and I couldn't really talk about it much. I especially did not even feel "ready" to view these materials, more less make any decisions on the matter. One thing that was weighing on me heavily was that even though we live in Kentucky, it does not feel like home. After a few days, I finally started to read the materials and learned that some cemeteries will let you bury a newborn at the foot of an existing grave.

I am originally from Virginia and my Mom and siblings all still live there. My Mom has a couple of extra cemetery plots, so she offered one to us for Faith. I asked her to check and see if it would be allowed for us to have Faith buried at the foot of my Father's grave. Permission was granted, so we planned to take her to Virginia for burial. It just seemed like the right thing to do. All of our friends are here,so we decided to have a Memorial Service here first.

So, on November 13, 2008 we had Faith's Memorial Service which was also my actual due date with Faith. We had the Service here at our church. We sang "It Is Well", "Jesus Loves Me" and "Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone." My 15 year old daughter read a poem that was written by my sister especially for Faith. My 12 year old daughter read a letter that she had written to Faith. Both of these things were so very sweet and touching. My husband Mike put together a slide show so we could share Faith with our Friends.( You can see it below) The pictures were take by our friend from church, Alison, who is with NILMDTS . Our Pastor conducted the service and we were Thankful to celebrate Faith's Life with our Church Family.

There were a lot of tears shed that day,but we were glad to be able to share Faith and what she meant to us. We were given so many comments how people were so touched by the Service . Interestingly enough, there were several comments on how well we taught our children to value the sanctity of life. More than anything we wanted the Lord to be honored that day.

The following slideshow is of the pictures that were taken the day of Faith's Memorial Service. Again all pictures were taken by Alison. The last picture is of me hugging my seven year old daughter after the Service. She was just sitting there crying. She wanted a baby sister so much, and she had great plans for Faith. It brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it.


We are so glad to share Faith with you. She was and is a Blessing from God even though things did not turn out as we planned. Lord we still Praise You during this Storm!




Trennia said...

Thank you Karen for sharing your beautiful daughter Faith.She is and always be a huge part of your life, just my my Emily.May the LORD continue to give you comfort and peace.

Anonymous said...

We are all Blessed to have meet Faith. your family is in my prayers. Shi~

Lynnette Kraft said...

The video and pictures are absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing your Faith with us. I know how hard it is ... and I also know how faithful the Lord is. His grace is perfectly sufficient.


beccad said...

Wow I can not imagine the pain of losing a child. Thank you for sharing your story and your strong faith in our Lord. I also love the song playing. Could you send the name and artist? I look forward to reading more about your family.

Naomi Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing Faith with us. Your experience has touched my family.

God bless,

{Blessed mommy of her own 1/2 dozen} said...

i found your blog through ange~
my heart aches for you and your beautiful family...{hugs}
many blessings~ to your beautiful family..
inhim alone~ tausha