Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Dear Husband

Recently there was a very Special Day at our house, or should I say my hubby had a very Special Birthday! I am not going to elaborate too much about it, but it is a Special milestone in life! Maybe you can guess from the pictures what that milestone is!

Sunday's are always very busy around here so we celebrated in the evening. After church we went out to lunch. When we were done with lunch, hubby and most of the children had to head back to church for JBQ and TBQ practice. I took the two youngest and we headed out to buy some balloons.

Taking a three year old boy and a 5 year old boy out to but balloons is a lot of fun! They enjoyed this a great deal. The lady at the store even gave them their very own balloon , which was so very nice. We also picked up a Happy Birthday banner and some party hats. The boys insisted on party hats! So we headed home to prepare for daddy to return!

The two little boys wanted to wear party hats and hide and surprise daddy when he came home. Mike and the other children didn't get back until about 5:00. Micah, the three year old didn't make until then. He ended up falling asleep. So Luke was left alone to do all the surprising.

Later in the evening we celebrated with a cake. I made him a banana cake which is a favorite of many around here. I also make homemade butter cream frosting which is so much better than coming from a can.

Me with dear hubby and Luke and Micah

Micah with his Daddy

This is Josh and Anna ( definitely two of our most dramatic children! )


Jeremy and Leigh, Tim and Naomi, Micah, Anna, and Luke

Here Victoria, Sammy, Rebekah, and Anna

As you can see, our family is a party in itself! All of our children were here along with my oldest son's girlfriend and my second oldest son's fiance. Did I mention I am going to be a mother-in-law in January? We had fun and took lots of pictures.

Mike is not a big Birthday person, mostly I think he doesn't like the attention. I pray that he had a wonderful day! I Love you Honey!