Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day to Remember

Today marks three months since we said Hello and Goodbye to our Sweet Baby Faith. I will get back to "About Us", but tonight I wanted to share a little from my heart.

I am not one who usually dwells on the impending dates of birth or death of those who have died. It seems as I walk through this journey, grief will just pop up unannounced. Today as I was alone taking a shower, I was remembering the day of Faith's birth. These are painful memories, but memories I never want to forget. As tears rolled down my face, I remembered her sweet face and her perfect little body. There was nothing on the outside indicating my baby should have died. I had a very special doctor who I will ever be Thankful for. She had tears rolling down her face as she handed Faith to me. It meant the world to me that she cared so very much. (Thanks Dr O for everything and I appreciate you above and beyond any words could ever describe.) I also had a very special nurse Lori who we also appreciate beyond measure. This was the most difficult day of my life, but these two people made a world of difference. There are more people who are special to us also, and I will share more about them later.

So as I was remembering Faith, I realized that today was the 28th. Three months have come and gone. As time goes by, the pain eases a little. I am forever Thankful that I know the Great Physician who is in the process of healing my broken heart. It is a painful process, yet I know God is with me. Those who have walked a similar road know this process. Faith will always be a part of me and part of our family. I will share more about Faith's life as I share more about "About Us".



Anonymous said...

I had a dear friend loss a precious boy at alomost 37 weeks to stillbirth from a chord issue. I now sit here at 37 weeks pregnant and I try not to take on day for granted that I have with this precious one in the womb. God has sure shown me that life is delicate and he is sovereign in all things. May God comfort you during your times of grief. I saw your blog link on Above Rubies board. Cynthia

Sharon said...

God bless you on your journey (it's always a journey, never an "arrival") towards healing your heart and soul. Please know that you have been added to my prayers - thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Faith!

Anonymous said...

We lost our precious Josiah Daniel March 20, 2006 at 36 weeks due to a rare case of placenta abruption. It never should have happened and he was a perfect,beautiful baby. We have also miscarried a set of twins at 11 weeks. We have been marrie 6 years and God has blessed us with two boys ages 4 and 22 months and we are due to have another baby boy mid March. It is hard not to get nervous when I get this far along in my pregnancies but I know God is in control and his thought and ways are not our thoughts and ways, so we jut have to hold on to his promises. My prayers are with you. I saw your blog link on Above Rubies. Joanna C.