Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My New Design and Snapshots Of My Garden

First, let me say a huge Thank You to my dear Hubby for all his hard work on my new design! He is one Amazing Person! I ask him if this can be done and he figures out a way to make it happen.  He is brilliant with the computer! I just wish I had better skills at designing things! We will still be tweaking a bit here and there.

Dear Hubby, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and your patience with me!

I Love You!

Now, on to my garden. I was wanting to take pictures of my garden every week, each week, to see what the difference was. These pictures were taken on Day 10. Now it has been 3 weeks and I have not taken any more pictures.

Please do not make fun of me! :) I am a city girl trying to live like a country girl and I am learning as I go along!

Everything is sprouting up and seem to being doing well so far. I needed to weed out some of the plants when these pictures were taken, but this has since been done. We planted extra seeds on purpose so that something would grow.

Everything was planted from seed except for the green onions, Strawberries, and Lavender. The green onions were planted from onion sets and the Strawberries and Lavender were from plants.


Another view of the corn.




Green Onions


 I planted Strawberries and Lavender last year and they are supposed to come back year after year.


The Strawberries are a variety that are supposed to produce all Summer long. They seem to be in a rest period right now, but are starting to bloom again.

The Lavender is doing well. I probably need to move it to a flower bed though. It would be nice to have this space for more vegetables.

The hydrangeas are in full bloom. The blooms are a bit small though and they are a variety of colors. I need to look into some kind of plant food for them. I believe I have heard that there is something that helps the color be more even. If you know of anything I can feed them, let me know.

The butterfly bush is literally taking over! It has grown so huge and the blooms are huge too! Please do not tell dear hubby that I really think early next year we need to move this bush, he might think I have lost my mind! Just let that be our little secret! OK?

I really enjoy this bush! It attracts a lot of butterflies!

I do not know what these little beauties are called, but I need to find out! I planted them last year in this barrel and they came back this year looking like this! I need another plant because there is one bare spot because I planted another kind of plant in that spot and it did not come back.

And then there are the flowers that I bought this year that still have not gotten planted! I keep saying hopefully I will do it soon, but that soon never seems to happen. 

Hopefully it will be...........



croleyc69 said...

Wow , your garden is amazing. I love it and I miss planting a garden and flowers. When I lived in Ohio I always had one. Nevada is just so dry and the grass hardly grows here. I love seeing pics of flowers and gardens.

Your blog looks great but I tried fixing mine but I still don't have it like I would like but it's ok for now.

Have a great day !!!


Karen, Great job on the blog and on your beautiful garden. My kids would love plants that would attract lots of butterflies. I love all the photos, hope your garden continues to grow so well. Have a great day. Blessings,

Trennia said...

Can you come to bullitt county?
I need you to help my poor mini roses...they are dead and I didn't even touch'em...
Your garden is beautiful!

Holly said...

Hope your garden keeps growing! And all the flowers are so beautiful and I bet them smell wonderful!!

I like the new design!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You have had better results in your garden than I have had this year. Mine looked great and produced nothing...my lavender died. Enjoy the fruit of your labor,