Sunday, November 1, 2009

Does Anyone Else Have Trouble With This?

I am just curious, do any of you have this problem too?

It is quite embarrassing but I can't seem to find a cure. It also seems to run in families or at least mine, and I don't like it!

What is the problem you might ask. Well here goes. I almost always fall asleep in church. It does not seem to matter how much sleep I do or do not get, I still fall asleep. It does not matter how interesting or lively the speaker is either, I still fall asleep .I am not proud of it, but it is just the truth.

I remember when I much younger seeing my Mom take a nap during church. (Sorry Mom) We would tease her about it endlessly. I also remember my Uncle (My mom's brother) getting in a good nap during church. So, as you see, it must run in families!

For me it has not been just limited to church services. When I was in college, I had a terrible time staying awake. I would try to take a drink with me to class to help me stay awake. It seems as though when I am somewhere that I have to sit and listen to a speaker for more than 15 minutes I become overly drowsy. It is so miserable to not be able to stay awake when you really want to!

I try different things to try to ward off the drowsiness.  I find myself moving around a lot to stay awake. I keep and arsenal of Iced Tea flavored Ice Breakers to suck on to help keep me awake. They come in lemon, raspberry, and peach. They are just tart enough to help keep me awake. So that is what seems to work the best.

I know that I am not the only one at my church with this problem either. My Hubby has a bit of trouble with this also, but his seems to come more from lack of sleep. I have often seen other heads bobbing around a bit too.

There is a man that often sits across the isle from us that sleeps really well during church! (Now I can see those of you who are reading this and go to church with me will be looking for him next Sunday!) It seems as though the minute the pastor starts the sermon this man will nod off. I do not think he even knows about my sleeping habits because his eyes seem to be closed through the entire sermon. Bless His Heart!He does not have young children at home anymore so I always wondered if he is overly tired or it runs in his family too.

I would so love to overcome this problem, but I am not sure that there is any remedy. I apologize to my Pastor for my behavior. Please know that it is not anything personal, and I really do enjoy listening to you. I do hear most of what you say thanks to my Ice Breakers!

And for all of you finding yourself nodding off during church, just remember, you are not alone!



Trennia said...

could it be sleep apnea?
My husband was a trucker and would fall asleep driving and was put through a sleep study which they found out he has severe sleep apnea and stopped breathing over 180 times in like one hour study. It is a serious condition he also has pulmonary problems,congestive heart failure and diabetes plus other health conditions.You may think it's nothing, and it could be nothing but get checked for sleep apnea my friend.Take care...

Jenilee said...

sounds like you should help in children's church! :) I can say that... I'm a children's pastors wife, right? :) :) no falling asleep in our corner of the church! :)

croleyc69 said...

I can remember when I was a child my parents falling asleep. I do it to once in a while, so your not alone.

Holly said...

I fall asleep in church! I try so hard not to but my eyes get so heavy!! Some Sundays I do well and I manage to stay awake the whole time and other times I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm not sure if it is lack of sleep or what b/c there have been times I get a good amount of sleep and I am still drowsy!

mamaarcher said...

Maybe your sanctuary is too warm! Especially if there are a lot of people who doze during the service and it might need to be mentioned to not keep it so warm. Almost anyone will fall asleep in a really warm room.
One thing that I have found that helps if I have had a night with almost no sleep is to simply stand in the back of the sanctuary. It is hard to fall asleep if you are standing. I have been known to stand in the back rocking a baby, sometimes for the benefit of the baby and sometimes for my own.

Candace said...

Carl has the same problem. It's aweful. I have to poke him to wake him up. Then he will say that he wasn't asleep at all. I wonder if God will count that against him for that half truth! LOL! I know alot of people who do it. Don't feel too bad!!!

Mindy said...

karen, I'm just smiling because as a pw I see this a lot. (I'm too busy sushing kids to be sleeping).

Angie said...

I believe it is a thing of the spirit where you feel so comforted, and secure in the presence of our Lord that you get sleepy. I think even in your subconscious God speaks, and heals. Don't feel bad many fall of asleep. Enjoy the sweet rest and communion you get in the spirit!