Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thankful Today!

Today I am Thankful for many things. God is SO GOOD!

I took Micah to the Doctor on Monday to have his finger rechecked. Remember this and this. His finger has healed really well. The only problem with it now is that it looks a little crooked. The x-rays show that everything looks really well on the inside. The doctor believes as Micah grows and uses his finger more, it will straighten out. Now we just have to get him to give up the band aid. He does not need it, but he refuses to go without one. We might just have to run out of band aids soon!

Yesterday I took Matthew back to the Doctor to be rechecked to make sure his lungs were clear after having pneumonia. His lungs sounded great, so he got the all clear.

Over the weekend, Hubby and I were stressing about a certain situation. I had to constantly remind myself to hand this situation over to God. There was nothing else I could do about it. On Monday, everything was cleared up and God proved Himself once again! We are so very Thankful! We knew that God would have been with us and seen us through, but he chose to take care of us in advance!

Life is hard. I just could not imagine life without God. He has taken care of us through thick and thin! I Love You Lord! I want to Praise Him during the Good times and the Bad!

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Holly said...

That's great that Micah's finger is better and Matthew's lungs are clear. I don't know where I'd be without God too. He carries me through the good and the bad!

Ange said...

Thank you Karen...I am thankful to have friends who understand!

Much Love,