Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today we went to church as a family and then all activities for the day were canceled. We came home and had Pizza and soft drinks. We usually don't have soft drinks at the house anymore, but today we let the kids have a treat. We then just spent a leisurely day at home playing games and just enjoying one another. This is what hubby requested and I do say it has been a great day!

I want to say Happy Father's Day to my Dear Sweet Hubby! He is the most incredible Husband and Father! I really appreciate all that he does for our family. He goes to work everyday and then comes home and helps out around here. He is no stranger to what I call the 3 D's; Dinner, Diapers and Dishes! He is such a hard worker. We are extremely Blessed!

I like to call Mike my computer genius! He can pretty much make anything happen on the computer. If he doesn't know how he will figure it out. He has been working with me redesigning this blog. I tell him what I want, and he makes it happen. He also comes up with Ideas and asks me if I like it. We have different tastes, but there are some of his ideas that I have liked. It has been fun working together.

(This is Hubby with half of our children today)

My Hubby is a very Sweet , Sensitive, Caring Man. He loves the Lord, he loves me, and he loves our children. We have had a lot of ups and quite a few downs during our marriage. I am in love with this man who bawled when our son was diagnosed with Leukemia and as Faith was born. He was so brokenhearted. He showed great strength when I needed him to in other difficult situations. I could lean on him and depend on him and I still can.

( Me and Hubby together)

Mike is probably the most honest and dependable person I know. He does what he says he will do. He shows up on time to places he is suppose to be( except when I cause him to be late! ) He is a man of his word, and I really love that in him. I Praise God for giving me this wonderful man!

Happy Father's Day Sweetie!

I would also like to mention my Dad . My Dad passed away in July 2004 and I miss him so much today.

I am the youngest of six kids. Needless to say, I was my daddy's little girl! He was very overprotective of me. He wasn't too sure of Mike when we started dating, but he grew to love and appreciate him a great deal.I have special memories of my dad that I hope I will forever hold on to.

(This is my Dad and Mom on Christmas 2003, just about 7 months before he passed away.)

My Dad was loved by anyone who met him. He especially loved children. He gave everyone a nickname, and when you got yours, you felt really special. I am given comfort that my Dad is in perfect health now that he is with Jesus. I am also sad that my children do not have him present in their lives. Many of them do have fond memories though. My dad collected penguins, so we cannot see a penguin without thinking of my dad!

I like to think that my Dad is helping to take care of Faith. He especially loved babies. Now I know that her body is in the grave and her spirit is in heaven, but I am thrilled that they are there together. I look forward to the day that I will be reunited with them.

I am so Thankful for these two very important men in my life! I lived with my Mom and Dad until the day I got married at the age of 19. My Dad continues being an important part of my life even though I have lived far away most of my married life. I have been with my wonderful Hubby for 25 years and look forward to way more than 25 more!



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