Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Rebekah ( Just a little late! )

I have been wanting to get this post together for the past several days, but it just didn't happen. Our Oldest daughter, fourth child, celebrated her 16th Birthday recently. Yes, she was our first daughter after having 3 sons. Without a doubt, we were overjoyed to have a girl! She was definitely in pink almost exclusively the first few years of her life. I did not want anyone to mistake her for a boy. I also had her ears pierced when she was 9 months old. Wouldn't you know it, some people still called her a he, even when she was dressed head to toe in pink with earrings and a headband!

Rebekah is quite a delight to me. She handles things around the house and many of the younger children in my absence very well. This past year as we went through a rough pregnancy and then when we lost Faith, she really filled in the gap in a mighty way. I am not sure how we would have made out without her.

Rebekah participates in TBQ ( Teen Bible Quiz ). She works quite hard at memorizing and for the third year in a row, she will be participating in the National Competition in July. We are so proud of all her effort and hard work that she puts into this.

Rebekah also helps out with JBQ ( Junior Bible Quiz ). She is very appreciated there. She was actually gone on her Birthday because she was at the National Competition for JBQ helping my hubby. She participated in JBQ through 6th grade and was the #1 quizzer in the State of Kentucky her last year!

Rebekah, I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate you. You are Special to me! I know that sometimes life gets really busy and a bit crazy around here, and you may feel under appreciated or taken for granted. I am sorry if you ever feel that way, but please know that I do see what you do and appreciate you more than words can describe. I Thank God for Blessing us with a wonderful daughter !

Happy Belated Birthday Rebekah!




Trennia said...

Happy Late Sweet 16 Birthday...Rebekah.
You look just like your mother just a younger version...don't take it personal Karen your still young too!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah! You sound like a very lovely young lady!

Ange said...

What a beautiful gift you have, Karen! Happy 16th Birthday Rebekah! I love your name and always thought I would name my next daughter Rebekah if we are blessed with another girl. Our fourth daughter is also our first girl after 3 boys. Her name is Sara! Sending blessings.