Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready For Sickness To Go Away!

We have had a lot of sickness here recently. With a lot of people living under the same roof, and many of us home all day most days, it tends to spread around. I am actually the most recent victim. I have a sinus infection and feel run down. It really doesn't help that it has been gloomy here. I am so ready for long days of warmth and sunshine!

I had two children at the doctors today. One was my daughter who had pneumonia last week. The doctor wanted to recheck her this week to make sure the pneumonia was clearing up. Thankfully she is much better and her lungs sounded good. The other child I took was my 5 year old son. I believe he probably has an allergy problem. He has had cold symptoms going on for a long time,but he has been complaining about his throat a lot recently. Since my other son tested positive for strep, I wanted to make sure he didn't have it also. His strep test came back negative, so no antibiotics needed.

It has been hard for the children to get back into the swing of things for school. We had Spring Break and then last week we had so many sick that not much schoolwork was getting done. So two full weeks of no school makes it difficult to get back into it. I have had to remind people a little too much to get busy. Since I am not feeling well, I am not very motivated either!

Please remember Stellan in your prayers today. He had surgery this morning and could really use your prayers. Please pray for his healing and also pray for his mom Jennifer and the rest of his family.Hospital Life can be very stressful. Having an ill baby can be stressful. Having your family separated by many miles because your baby is transferred to a hospital far away can be stressful. So as you can see, this situation is Stressful for this family. Jennifer has so well stated that she has peace. That can only come from God. I could not even imagine going through this type of situation without knowing God. I am so Thankful to have him with me through all of life's ups and downs.

Prayers for Stellan

I am praying that each of you have a Blessed Day! I am now off to take my son to the Orthodontist!




Trennia said...

I'm praying for Stellan too.
Bless your entire families hearts, being sick is not fun at all!
Praying for "All" of you.

Anonymous said...


sorry it took me so long to get to your site! I never dreamed I would get so many hits on my blog from Lynnette featuring me, I feel so bleesed by all your comments and kindnesses!
I am so glad to find someone who really loves Corrie Ten boom like I do! I just have to read "The Hiding Place" once a year just to make sure I am checking myself and not getting to...well anything, she is an excellent example of how to live :)
I have to say that 19 must be a better age to get married...15 kinda young...But with Christ all things ARE possible! thankGod for that! Congrats on your 25th anniversary! I will be back to visit you more. Have a wonderful evening! Shi~

Amy said...

hi karen,
hope you all feel better soon. sinus infections are no fun-beleive me-i have been there. i was startign to wonder if david had one but now he seems clearer today-doesn't sound like a coffee perkelator anymore. i've been busy this week tryign to catch up on stuff around here and havent had john put up new posts yet-he changed stuff and i am not sure how. but i did finish a 100 things aboyut me for lynettes blog and hope it gets up soon. thanks for your e-mail.