Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Am Still Here

I am still here, life has been busy but I am not sure why, I only have 10 children! I really have no excuse, my 2 oldest are rarely home because of work and/or college. That leaves me home alone with only 8 children, 6 whom are home schooled plus the 2 youngest!

We took our Spring Break last week, but Spring Break has continued unintentionally for some of the children this week. I took 3 of the children to the Doctor on Tuesday and found out one of them has Pneumonia, and one has strep throat. With the other, she wasn't sure, but thought we should treat him too. So needless to say, we are having fun now!

I wanted to say Hi to some of my new friends that have come here from "Lynette's Getting to Know You". Thanks for stopping by and thank you to so many of you that have left comments. If you do not know Lynette then click on the "Getting to Know You" button on my side bar to find out more about her. She is so much fun and such a blessing.

I found out this afternoon that the husband of a very close friend of mine, passed away today. I am very sad, especially for my friend and her son, but I know that Chuck is home with Jesus. He won the race! He fought the good fight! Chuck was a Godly man and he was a wonderful example to so many people. He taught Sunday School for probably about 60 years. He had amazing discipline. Even during his retirement, he woke very early to have devotions and exercise before breakfast. He was such a hard working man. He will be missed by so many! I am praying that God will bring great comfort and peace to Chuck's family during this difficult time.

I hope the rest of my week is pretty peaceful! I sure could use it!

I pray you are having a good week! Good is good all the time!




Trennia said...

Praying for your friend & your children too.My stepdaughter's husband's father passed away during the night/morning hours.I'm unsure of his salvation.Hope you have a better week and your children feel better asap.

Amy said...

hmm...perhaps this explains why i am not sure if you got my e-mail or not. i am changing around my blog though and it now has it's own address. you can write to me at
nice and simple to remember. hope everyone gets better soon. Amy